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Montevideo, a city formed by large waves of immigrants from different countries, invites you to get comfortable and enjoy their cuisine. The uruguayan cuisine is the product of a melting pot of immigrants, received from its foundation until the mid- 20th century, mainly spanish and italian, and to a lesser extent English, French and German, amongst others. You will find an array of dishes: seafood, pasta, pizza and pastries. The meat, the centre of our traditional cuisine, joins to the dishes of the immigrants, by transforming the original recipes, giving them a local twist that constitutes a real family style cuisine, a variety of dishes pan cooked.

The richness of our soil and climate provides for our abundant cattle which feed on magnificent grasslands, contributing to the distinct flavour of Uruguayan meat, which is renowned the world over. It is the main diet of Uruguayans. According to recent figures from the National Institute of meat, the average Uruguayan consumes 64 kg of meat per capita per year.

Asado and Mate - indigenous influences made asado and the mate, consumed by Charrúas, Guaranis, and Creoles before the birth of our Nation, their traditions were embraced each time with more force in the capital, asado is regarded as the most widely consumed food and mate, a tea infusion is the national drink.

The grill - where the asado is tentatively cooked on slowly burning embers, releasing a delicious smell and an even more delicious taste! The Grill for the uruguayan is much more than a way to cook food; it is the excuse for a get together with family and friends on weekends or holidays. The Grill will usually include meat and sausages, black pudding, gizzard and kidney.

“El chivito”, fast-food made in Uruguay - fastfood made in Uruguay - a good meat eating option is the uruguayan “chivito”, a sandwich composed of tenderloin of beef, lettuce, tomato, hard-boiled egg, red pepper, mayonnaise, some variations include ham, bacon, cheese and mozzarella in addition its great accompanied with a portion of french fries.

Signature Cuisine - in the different restaurants of the capital you can also enjoy dishes designed by chefs, shaping their academic skills, the experience of their travel and their creativity, playing with textures, flavours and presentations of fresh natural products to seduce the diners.

Lamb and Tannat - We also invite you to test our magnificent lamb accompanied by a Tannat, Uruguays flagship wine. The best place to try this delicious pairing is the Tannat and Lamb food festival, taking place in various wineries since 2009.

The dessert - dulce de leche, favorite of the Río de la Plata, there is an inevitable jar in every household, and on the menus of restaurants included in some of our most delicious, tempting and everso- sweet desserts.

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