Portal oficial de turismo de Montevideo

The neighborhood Peñarol in its historic heritage treasures the founding of its development assets. Dating back to 1890, when the British Railway company, installed major workshops, composing of mechanics, blacksmiths, foundry, sawmill, carpentry, printing, warehouses and technical offices on 14 hectares of land, with 22 thousand square meters of working warehouses. By 1910 there were 2 thousand people employed by the company, creating the largest working factory environment of its time in Uruguay, this in turn created a diverse and complex opportunity for Uruguay’s place in industrialization.

Peñarol was described as a “factory town”, it was modeled on the then maturing English and European centre ́s of the industrial revolution. Urban planning implemented 8 staff residences in the hierarchy, two blocks with 44 homes for the workers, a general store which supplied the employees, a sports and social club , a theatre (then also a cinema), a generous public square and holiday trains were also provided.

Peñarol currently constitutes an industrial landscape, with some rail activity. It maintains the characteristics of its people, in spite of being integrated into the urban network of Montevideo. A project currently in development by the Montevideo Administration is building, in stages, an on-site museum, highlighting units, such as the train station, which includes waiting rooms and offices along with historical office equipment.