Portal oficial de turismo de Montevideo


Montevideo is waiting for you! Are you ready to get surprise?

Come to Discover Montevideo, a city were you can walk along almost 300 years of history since the colonial time until the twenty-first century. The city's memories, music, scents, architecture, cultural expressions and cosmopolitan traditions are reflected in a sky. Those colors are mix together with the water that bathes the coast and the bay. Montevideo is a city that was built with travelers and visitors, there is where we can find the reason why people from Montevideo enjoy receiving visitants. There is no favorite time to come to Montevideo, because it is posible to rediscovered its magic in each season: summer, fall , winter and spring.

Montevideo is a city that breathes poetry and music, being also a large open-air museum with many topics on it. It is a city with a young spirit, in which throughout the year there are different options for leisure time: theater premieres, sculptures, artworks in more than a thousand squares. Those open areas are the privileged places used by the residential people as a meeting point, being also a link between the city and their parks. Montevideo is a green city, with a tree every three inhabitants. Montevideo's 30 km costline is an experience you  should not miss. Waching the horizon, enjoying the sunrise or the sunset are experiences that you will keep forever in your memory.

If you choose to discover Montevideo, you will find a city that challenges all your senses through its cultural icons as tango, murga, candombe, good wine, gastronomic routes and places that will leave you wanting to come back. Montevideo has also a countryside that you can explore. I invite you to go into this adventure that will be full of stories, traditions, hospitality and warm reception that will make you come back. Montevideo welcomes you, and we are sure that after meeting the city, you will fall in love with it.

Daniel Martínez
Mayor of Montevideo

Reel Locaciones Montevideanas from mvdtv on Vimeo.