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Montevideo offers a wide range of museums and galleries to visit. From the more traditional ones, linked to history and art, with outstanding painting exhibitions by masters such as Torres García, Gurvich and Figari, down to unique showcases, such as the Open Air photo-galleries, fragments of the colonial Wall, up to the history of the Uruguayan football, beef, carnival, memory, etc. Over 30 Montevideo museums offer visitors memorable cultural experiences.

Heritage and culture

  • Architecture +

    Architecture Different waves of migration and historical events left their mark in Montevideo. The Old City reminds of the arrival of Read More
  • Carnival +

    Carnival From late January to March, Montevideo celebrates the longest carnival in the world. This popular celebration had its source in Read More
  • Candombe +

    Candombe By mid 18th century, the port of Montevideo was the only access way for Africans slaves to enter the River Read More
  • Tango +

    Tango The tango reflects the cultural brotherhood between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. This was expressed in a joint request submitted by Read More
  • Drinking “Mate” +

    Drinking “Mate” Few habits are so widespread as to Tomar Mate. Consuming this hot drink is a social habit of Uruguayans. People Read More
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  • Museum of Carnival +

    Museum of Carnival This identity museum has a modern and interative proposal. It conserves, exhibits, spreads and values the objectives and customs which Read More
  • Casa de Fructuoso Rivera +

    Casa de Fructuoso Rivera This house belonged to our first constitutional president, Fructuoso Rivera. It exhibits objects of the formation of the colonial society Read More
  • Museo de la Memoria +

    Museo de la Memoria A space devoted to the construction of memory of state terrorism and the fight against dictatorship. Read More
  • Centro de Exposiciones SUBTE +

    Centro de Exposiciones SUBTE SUBTE is a cultural venue for the creation, production and diffusion of contemporary arts which has a wide range of Read More
  • CIDDAE +

    CIDDAE Exhibiting material from different areas of the artistic and cultural history of the Solis Theater,as well as the national and Read More
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