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Heritage and culture

  • Architecture +

    Architecture Different waves of migration and historical events left their mark in Montevideo. The Old City reminds of the arrival of Read More
  • Carnival +

    Carnival From late January to March, Montevideo celebrates the longest carnival in the world. This popular celebration had its source in Read More
  • Candombe +

    Candombe By mid 18th century, the port of Montevideo was the only access way for Africans slaves to enter the River Read More
  • Tango +

    Tango The tango reflects the cultural brotherhood between Montevideo and Buenos Aires. This was expressed in a joint request submitted by Read More
  • Drinking “Mate” +

    Drinking “Mate” Few habits are so widespread as to Tomar Mate. Consuming this hot drink is a social habit of Uruguayans. People Read More
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  • Matriz Square +

    Matriz Square The Matriz square was the first public open space in old Montevideo. It was surrounded by the Cabildo and the Read More
  • Salvo Palace +

    Salvo Palace Located between independence square and the Avenida 18 de Julio, this iconic building whose architectural style is defined as eclectic Art Read More
  • Cathedral +

    Cathedral The Church of the Immaculate Conception was one of the landmarks of the Spanish colonial town. The architecture in simple volumes Read More
  • Estevez Palace +

    Estevez Palace In 1873, the Argentinian Francisco Candelario Estevez, bought this property at Independence Square in order to build a mansion with a Read More
  • Solis Theatre +

    Solis Theatre It was inaugurated in 1856 with the Ernani Opera by Giuseppe Verdi. It is the main theatre in the city, Read More
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